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Winterstone Wealth Management LLC is a fee only registered investment advisor offering financial expertise and guidance to help you focus on actions that add value.  This can lead to a better investment experience.

To have a better investment experience, people should focus on the things they can control.

I start with a biblical worldview.  As a faith-based financial advisor, my advice is unchanging because it is based on scripture. Timeless biblical principles provide confidence and peace of mind, with an eternal perspective and a focus on God’s agenda.

A trusted advisor acts as a facilitator in the decision making process, encouraging clients to implement the decisions that they have made, and helping them make adjustments as life changes over time.

Our Services

Personal Financial Planning – Determine priorities, establish written goals, create comprehensive financial and tax plan, implement, and provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring of progress toward your goals.

Business Exit and Succession Planning – Establish a tentative date to transfer ownership of the business, determine the business fair market value or business valuation, establish the amount that must be realized to the business owner to successfully leave the business and retire from the business operations, and review alternative strategies to create value, decrease potential income taxes upon business interest transfer, and ultimately increase the wealth potential and business value.  Establish written buy/sell agreements for both exit and succession plan.

Investment Management – We will create an investment plan based on market principles, informed by financial science, and tailored to a client’s specific needs and goals. Equally important, a trusted advisor will provide knowledge and encouragement to help investors stay disciplined through various market conditions.  We will utilize low-cost investments and integrate tax planning and tax-efficient strategies to increase your retirement savings and resulting retirement income.


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fee only registered investment advisor fee only registered investment advisor fee only registered investment advisor